Robin Wasser

I first stumbled upon yoga while searching for a televised aerobics class during summer break in high school. Skeptical that stretching was not “real” exercise, I tried it, noting that I felt enlivened AND somehow calm afterward. Life moved on and I forgot yoga. Nearly ten years later, bored with the stair climber and growing weary of minor injuries from running, I purchased a number of DVDs and set up a yoga space in the basement. To my delight, I was sweating, breathing, challenging myself in a new way. With daily practice, I found gratitude in a new recognition of my body. This would begin a long relationship with my yoga mat and with a practice which surpasses exercise. About 15 years later, a local teacher training would allow me to begin to share the gratitude I experienced on my mat. Career and location changes prevented teaching and even personal yoga practice for a time. Yet, life IS change. Again, I gratefully returned to my mat, embracing the opportunity to share the lightness born of this work – vinyasa – moving with the breath.

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