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Jala Yoga

117 West German Street in
Shepherdstown, WV

(above Mellow Moods Juice Bar and Cafe)
Phone: 401-440-0279

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"Your ultimate goal is to be happy. Where is that happiness? Within you. If you want to have permanent happiness, it will never come from outside. If somebody makes you happy today, the same person will make you unhappy tomorrow. You are happiness and peace personified. Find that happiness and peace within you."
- Sri Swami Satchidananda

Somewhere along the line, maybe you, too, forgot to love yourself completely and so now doing so really is a challenge. How little we value our own precious life shows up in how little time we make to take care of our own needs, or the guilt we feel when we do allot this time; it shows up in the ways we sabotage our health in numerous ways; it shows up in the feelings of anger and regret we carry in our bodies and hearts; it shows up in the blocked hearts we carry around that keep us from trusting and adventuring fully. It shows up again and again. Intend to give yourself this brief period of days–it’s a small chunk of time to give yourself and endeavor to notice what you bear forth in your own life.

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Approaching these life milestones, of turning 40, beginning a second teacher training, and continuing to expand our yoga offerings, all feel like budding miracles. The path to where I am has been marked by less than perfect decisions, struggles and pain, and life has become so much different than I ever imagined or planned for, and yet here I am, ready to begin again, with my heart wide open to what may come.

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Today, I met with the mother of one of the families we adopted for this holiday season. It is our tradition to adopt local families, but in the past, the families were anonymous, removed. The Jefferson County Community Ministries, in years past, has handled everything from start to finish. This year, they are vastly understaffed and over-needed. They’ve been referring the surplus of families calling for donations to individual donors and having the donors do the work of contacting to […]

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What is our yoga practice for? Do we engage in this practice to make our body feel good? Is it for mental clarity? Is it a selfish practice, one that takes time away from the outside world, so that we may focus on our internal landscape? Is it for the good of others? My answer to these questions is yes, it is for these things, and for so much more.

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as I settled into not practicing physically, I felt my practice with me endlessly. This is not something that I came to learn right away, but as I’ve grown to experience the effects of my practice when I’m living my life, out in the real world, I’ve grown to accept that this practice is available within me, is part of my living, no matter where I am. The key is in developing consistency in arranging your life around being a practitioner.

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