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"Your ultimate goal is to be happy. Where is that happiness? Within you. If you want to have permanent happiness, it will never come from outside. If somebody makes you happy today, the same person will make you unhappy tomorrow. You are happiness and peace personified. Find that happiness and peace within you."
- Sri Swami Satchidananda

I have thirsted for more–more strength, knowledge, unity–and have wanted visible, measurable results from the work I do. Even if I don’t name that while I’m participating in asana, in reading, in action after action, it is often the truth. What if I could be an empty container, something that could magnify the experience of love?

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I am thinking back over the love yourself challenge, and about perfection. Today I planned a strong physical practice to start my day–badly wanted to wake and move for 90 minutes of asana. But waking, a recurring hip problem had flared up, making it possible to put only partial weight on my left leg. The internal voices started right away: “Don’t be lazy–push through.” “Why, body, are you failing me?” “I am healthy and strong–this shouldn’t be a problem.” And not least–“I hate feeling old.”

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What is the knowledge we’ve forgotten? I believe we all long for connection and stillness, to ourselves and to each other. When we lie in savasana or meditation or prayer and feel a sense of weightlessness and deep presence to something more vast than our small physical self, we are “remembering our self” and in that moment we become like a clear, still lake that is able to reflect a deep state of love.

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if we remember what Patanjalis teaches in the Yoga Sutras, we will remember that the practice of yoga begins now, and that now happens every second of the day, each day, all year long. Begin your practice with the intention of watching it grow and of staying present for it and for yourself now, and let now happen over and again, with each new breath. Intend to layer your practice with brush strokes that refine and make you stronger , more nourished, and balanced year after year. Start slow, build a base of poses and understanding, learn about what works for you now, and continue to ask yourself that question day after day. And remember that the loveliest works of art take time.

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Find your traditions–the ones that allow you connection and allow you to complete this year before starting fresh. Time is a continuum and yet is also portioned into moments that allow us periods of rebirth and renewal. Now is a wonderful time to ring out all that is a false distraction to the truth of you. Let this new year ring in a commitment to knowing yourself completely; to becoming mentally still enough to make wise and aware decisions; to learning to respond with grace and honesty. Let your commitment to your yoga practice be a daily exploration of all this and more.

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