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"Your ultimate goal is to be happy. Where is that happiness? Within you. If you want to have permanent happiness, it will never come from outside. If somebody makes you happy today, the same person will make you unhappy tomorrow. You are happiness and peace personified. Find that happiness and peace within you."
- Sri Swami Satchidananda

Getting rooted in my body and learning to stay, to trust that I can breathe and get to know whatever comes up, is teaching me that change comes when I get closer, move in and watch compassionately all that comes at me and up from within me, not when I pinch my eyes shut and run away. This isn’t easy. Every time I think I’ve learned to do this, something happens and I have to learn it again. Sometimes this lesson is easier in the controlled environment I call my yoga practice, but it’s in the fierceness of this practice that clarity begins. And from this clarity I’ve come to see that this isn’t a practice that I do; rather the practice has become a journey that is very much undoing me.

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This New Year offers itself to you as a promise, where last year’s language really can give way to a new voice. Is it uncomfortable to consider leaving your comfort zone, to explore listening to a new language? Perhaps, but remember comfort zones don’t have to be comfortable–they’re simply familiar. A comfort zone is where we come to believe we belong. And where we believe we belong is where we often stay. But hope stirs something new, something different.

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Dear 2015, I bid you a loving adieu. Thank you for opening my heart to you, even when I did not want to. Thank you for teaching me about my capacities for loving, forgiving, persevering, connecting, and letting go. You’ve revealed to me that true strength begins in the muscle of the heart, not the biceps. But you’ve also helped me to rediscover the power of physical strength and in taking my health very seriously. You’ve allowed me to step […]

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When I first met Carolyn Channel, a lovely and experienced teacher who’s come to offer her classes with Jala, she told me about the first time she laid down in Savasana. “I thought, Finally. This is my moment to exhale. Everyone should get to exhale like that.” Yes, Carolyn, I agree. Everyone should get to exhale like that.

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Kim reminded me of something from the cadaver lab: that under the skin there is a remarkable whole unit working together. A whole that is very difficult to separate one piece from another. It is difficult to separate the bicep from the triceps or the muscle from the fascia. Under our skin we are whole. The pieces that we call ‘us’ don’t make us whole. We just are.

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